The Business with Perpetual Demand

Since 2001, the US birth rate averages just over 4 million people per year. Every year, another generation of teenage children crave the freedom only a driver’s license can provide. Their craving to go new places and enjoy new experiences creates demand for All Star services; because drivers training is their pathway to freedom. We call that Perpetual Demand!

Welcome to All Star Driver Education!

Educators by trade, the Wall family, founders of All Star Driver Education, have been training young drivers to become Safe, Trustworthy, Attentive and Responsible (S.T.A.R.). Unlike other driving schools, the All Star curriculum motivates young people with fun and engaging text books, interactive materials, lively instructors and online training where permitted. We create new drivers who respect the power at their fingertips and who know how to control themselves, their passengers and their vehicle for the enjoyment and safety of all.

Which Markets are Available for Development?

The map shows the market areas prime for development in blue. Markets controlled by the company or not available for development are in grey.

It is our goal to provide every bit of information you need to make a great business decision. Your decision to become a franchise owner is as much about the people you choose to work with as it is about the business model itself. We invite you to visit our operation, meet our team, and learn how All Star Driver Education delivers more than just great driving skills.