Company History | Development & Future

Established in 1965, All Star Driver Education is one of the oldest, most trusted, and popular driving schools in the country. We’ve worked with over 150 school systems in 10 states and recently introduced a proprietary online training curriculum.

While very few states currently accept online training, Brent Wall knows it is the next generation of education technique. That is why he set out several years ago to develop the best online training program.

With successful operations in multiple states, operating inside hundreds of school districts and graduating thousands of students every year, All Star Driver Education is now seeking franchise owners to systematically expand across the U.S. We have a successful business model proven to thrive in the current market and we want to share our next evolution with you.

Culture and Goal

In 1965, Wall Driver School was founded by William ‘Pop’ Wall in Ann Arbor Michigan. Tom Wall continued his father’s legacy with a focus on special needs education until 2008. His son Brent runs the company today and brings advanced degrees in education, management and technology that drive the family business forward.

We believe training young people to operate a motor vehicle is more than just teaching driving skills. It’s about teaching teenagers how to prepare for adulthood. It’s about understanding personal responsibility, how to protect others, how to accept the consequences of one’s actions and how to respectfully enjoy a new found freedom.

We also recognize our responsibility to the parents who entrust their children to our care and respect their expectation that we provide an education and skill set that will bring their children ‘home safely.’

Graduates of All Star Driver Education are prepared for more than just driving a car. Our graduates focus on keeping everyone safe, preserving their community, are courteous to other drivers and respect the enormous power at their fingertips.

Every All Star Driver Education training session, in the classroom or behind the wheel, is conducted in a “FREE ZONE” environment. We are smoke-free, text-free, phone-free, bully-free, drug and alcohol free. Because we believe there is much to learn before learning how to drive.

High Performance Business Model

Low Overhead

The All Star Driver Education business model is low overhead. As classroom and behind the wheel training sessions are conducted in the field, you do not need the expense of a training facility to accommodate staff or classrooms.

Proven Techniques

Our proven marketing techniques recruit student registrations, and our sales programs involve parents in the registration, payment and training process. Operations management is streamlined to efficiently manage class, instructor and behind-the-wheel training sessions and the movement and maintenance of vehicles.

Industry Standard

We pride ourselves in setting the industry standard for instructor quality, conduct and training. We refer to this as The All Star Way. The All Star Way guarantees each instructor’s ability to communicate our curriculum in a manner that engages and enriches students. As a franchise owner you have the tools to train and lead your staff of instructors in the delivery of the best driver’s education program in the country.