Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t school teachers usually teach driver education?

Yes. Many school teachers conduct driver education sessions following daily classes, making ideal employees for your business. Certified teachers love kids and know how to manage the learning environment better than most people. In fact, our recruitment efforts begin among school teachers.

Can I get more than one franchise?

Not at the moment. However you may purchase multiple, contiguous territories if qualified and acceptable to the company. If you have the talent, experience and drive to dominate a market, we may be willing to increase the number of territories required to accomplish your goal.

What kind of regulations are involved?

Most states require that driver-training instructors be State Certified. Once certified, instructors have to successfully pass a background check, then be certified in The All Star Way.

Who is my competition?

There are competitors in most every marketplace. The good news is that the vast majority are small, unorganized businesses teaching only the minimum standards required to pass a driver’s test. No other driving school in the country offers our system of teaching teens to be S.T.A.R. drivers: Safe, Trustworthy, Attentive and Responsible. Also, our proprietary training curriculum, techniques, teaching aids and supplies are based on 50 years and three generations of advanced educational training.

Will I need an office?

Depending on state requirements and local codes you may be able to run the business right from your home! Otherwise about 800 square feet should suffice for you, two customer service representatives, equipment and records. This could be in a professional office suite with secretarial assistance or you can rent a space in a commercial building.

How many people will I have to hire, and what will they do?

You will hire at least one certified instructor for every school at which you offer classes. You will hire at least one customer service representative to manage inquiries and make student reservations for future classes. To begin, you will perform all marketing and sales.

Do I need to be registered with the state?

Your business will be registered in the state in which it operates. We strongly recommend you become a State Certified Instructor so you can train, grow and manage your instructor staff.

Do the cars have to be new? Where do I get them?

You cannot afford to cancel a class due to mechanical failure, so we strongly suggest your first three cars are leased vehicles that include all maintenance. Once your business is established, you may wish to consider purchasing quality, recent-model, used vehicles. Complete details and specifications appear in our Operations Manual.